Commission proposes Baltic Sea fishing opportunities for 2019 with increased quotas for plaice and Western cod and reductions for Western herring

The Commission has adopted a proposal for fishing opportunities for 2019 for the commercially most important fish stocks in the Baltic Sea.
In particular, the Commission proposes to increase catches for plaice, Western cod, sprat, Gulf of Riga herring and the Main Basin salmon stocks. For the remaining stocks covered by the proposal the Commission proposes a reduction in catches.


The proposed total allowable catches (TAC) are based on scientific advice from the International Council on the Exploration of the Seas and follow the Baltic multiannual management plan adopted in 2016 by Member States and the European Parliament.
Efforts by stakeholders in recent years have already succeeded in rebuilding important stocks in the Baltic Sea and in allowing that, where complete scientific advice is available, 7 out of 8 catch limits are set in line with the principle of maximum sustainable yield, covering 95% of fish landings in volume. But further action remains necessary to ensure all stocks grow to levels that allow for sustainable exploitation.

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