New maps on fish habitats in the Baltic Sea

The new maps show potential spawning areas of cod, sprat and herring, which are the commercially most important fish species in the Baltic Sea region, as well as key areas for European and Baltic flounder, perch and pikeperch.


Combined with corresponding data for other ecosystem components, the maps on essential fish habitats can be used to identify regions of high ecological value and areas which have the potential to deliver various essential ecosystem services.

The maps can be found under Biodiversity section of the HELCOM Map and Data service:

  • Potential spawning areas for cod
  • Potential spawning areas for Baltic flounder
  • Potential spawning areas for European flounder
  • Potential nursery areas for flounders
  • Potential spawning areas for herring
  • Potential spawning areas for sprat
  • Potential recruitment areas for perch
  • Potential recruitment areas for pikeperch

The maps can also be downloaded as raster files from the HELCOM Metadata catalogue.


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