The update of the Baltic Sea Action plan takes another concrete step

The update of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) has taken another concrete step with the launch, in February, of two central initiatives, namely the ACTION project and the HELCOM Platform on Sufficiency of Measures (HELCOM SOM Platform).
Working closely together and drawing on interdisciplinary expertise from across the Baltic Sea region, both initiatives will be analysing if the measures that are currently in place are sufficient to achieve good environmental status for the Baltic Sea.
The initiatives are a direct result from the decision taken earlier in 2018 by the HELCOM Ministers during the last Ministerial Meeting held in Brussels, which provided the mandate to update the BSAP beyond its end date in 2021.


The recent HELCOM State of the Baltic Sea report concludes that, in general, the Baltic Sea is still in a poor state, despite improvements and signs of recovery.
Through the new initiatives, HELCOM and its partners will develop an approach for a regional analysis on the sufficiency of measures, to identify potential gaps in achieving HELCOM goals and objectives, and to estimate the cost-effectiveness of tentative new measures to fill these gaps. 


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