Marine spatial planning is an important instrument to avoid conflicts concerning existing and future use of coastal waters and their protection in a coordinated manner. But most Baltic Sea countries do not apply a coordinated strategy for marine planning, especially an integrated concept for both land and sea aspects has not been elaborated so far.

The SEAPLANSPACE (marine spatial planning instruments for sustainable marine governance) project aims to enable project partners to exchange knowledge and experiences for marine planning and to develop planning concepts for their regions and to implement cross-border activities. Results of the project will be manuals for trainings, trainings and a cross-country web-portal with relevant information.

In the German region Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania long experiences exist as marine planning is inherent part of the Regional Development Plan already. So, the Ministry of Energy, Infrastructure and Digitalization is important associated partner in the project.

The focus of EUCC-D project activities will be the improving of participation and hearing as well as improving awareness of marine planning processes. So, mainly handouts and information material will be produced for a broad public as well as specific for the young. The activities target on a better understanding for marine planning issues and a prevention of potential conflicts in land and sea use.

The SEAPLANSPACE project follows a corresponding seed money project.

Coordinator of the SEAPLANSPACE project is the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Gdansk (Poland). Project partners are:  EUCC Baltic Office (Lituania), World Maritime University and County Administration Board of Kalmar (Sweden), University Aalborg and Centre for Regional and Tourism Research (Danmark), Maritime Institute Gdansk (Poland) and EUCC – Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V.

Duration: january 2018 – december 2020

Funded by: EU South Baltic Programme 2014-2020



The work on the project has been running since February 2018. The results are continuously updated on this page.

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