Expanded Membership

Target Group

Professionals from management, research, or private enterprise (for example from regional/spatial planning, coastal protection, tourism, and conservation), who want to hear about current developments, pass on their own results, and find cooperation partners.


  • Subscription to the German-language Küsten Newsletter
  • Subscription to the international English-language Coastal & Marine-News
  • Opportunity to present your own working group in the Küsten Newsletter
  • Opportunity to publish your project results (for example, in the Küsten Newsletter, in our project and event databanks, or in the trade journals Coastline Reports, Coastal and Marine, or JCCPM)
  • Access to the entire homepage of the EUCC-Germany (including uploading und downloading of coastal photos and documents)
  • Subscription to the quarter-yearly published magazine Coastal and Marine
  • Rebates and discounts for events and publications of the organization
  • Online access to JCCPM (Journal of Coastal Conservation: Planning and Management), a peer-reviewed professional journal published by the Coastal & Marine Union.


65€ for one year or 120€ for three years.

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