Target Group

NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations), or organizations, clubs, or foundations which deal with coastal issues and would like to keep informed, present their projects, and find cooperation partners.


  • Subscription to the German-language Küsten Newsletter
  • Subscription to the international English-language Coastal & Marine-News
  • Opportunity to present your organization in the Küsten Newsletter
  • Opportunity to publish your project results (for example, in the Küsten Newsletter, in our project and event databanks, in our trade journal Coastline Reports, or in our magazine Coastal and Marine
  • Access to the entire homepage of the EUCC-Germany (including uploading und downloading of coastal photos and documents)
  • Subscription to the quarter-yearly published magazine Coastal and Marine
  • Rebates and discounts for events and publications of the organization
  • Online access to JCCPM (Journal of Coastal Conservation: Planning and Management), a peer-reviewed professional journal published by the Coastal & Marine Union.
  • Two entries in the coastal expert database


65€ for one year or 120€ for three years

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