YOUMARES 2016 - Maßnahmen gegen Eutrophierung

This year’s convention for young scientists and engineers will take place 11-13 September in Hamburg, Germany. The call for abstracts for the YOUMARES 2016 is open: make sure to submit your abstract by 15 June 2016 if you are a young researcher (PhD, Master and Bachelor students).
Nardine Stybel (EUCC-D) and Rene Friedland (IOW) will take part by leading a session on

Fighting eutrophication in shallow coastal waters

Eutrophication is among the most severe environmental problems threatening the European coastal ecosystems and the ecosystem services they provide. It results in high turbidity with low euphotic depths and a shift of primary production from macrophytes to phytoplankton with impacts to higher trophic levels. The classical approach to fight eutrophication is the reduction of nutrient inputs. Nevertheless, many shallow systems, such as inner coastal waters in the Baltic Sea (Darss-Zingst-Bodden-Chain or Small Bay of Szczecin Lagoon) do not respond any longer to changes of external nutrient loads, mainly due to the high nutrient contamination of sediments (which frequently boosts phytoplankton after resuspension) combined with the low water exchange with open waters. New approaches are necessary, to improve the water quality of coastal systems and to reach the targets of European legislation like Water Framework Directive or Marine Strategy Framework Directive. This session will discuss the whole range of internal measures, including conception, modelling and implementation as well as public acceptance and economic valuation. Studies addressing restauration measures, linked techniques or socio-economic aspects of the implementation are very welcome.

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