Information for coastal experts

Current Information on Coastal and Marine Management

The availability and access to current information is of central importance for the sustainable development and management of our coasts and seas. The Coastal Union Germany has the goal to promote the transfer of information between and inside the various coastal and marine actors. On the following pages you can find information on how EUCC-D accomplishes this goal. We welcome any comments and suggestions that you have.

Overview of the information offered for coastal experts

The Küsten Newsletter

This free bi-monthly newsletter offers coastal information on support programs, political developments, project prgoress, and relevant national and international publications. The Küsten Newsletter had more than 1300 subscribers and over 5000 downloads within the first two weeks of its publication.


Here you can find the following publications as well as links to other coastal publications.

EUCC Coastal Databases

The thematic databases of EUCC–Germany comprise the main tool that we use to make coastal information readily available. Our target groups are scientsts, coastal professionals, students, and interested coastal residents. Our databanks are used by an increasingly growing number of partners.

Access to the databases


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