Services for coastal residents and tourists

For interested residents of and guests on the coast, our organization offers a variety of informative texts, as well as publishing an interactive photo databank with pictures of the seas and coasts. We hope that through these measures we can illuminate the unique aspects of the various coastal and marine regions and show their importance for human use. The coasts and seas are often changed by human use, a process that often creates problems not just for nature, but also for people. We hope to illustrate these problems in the course of our work, as well as providing sollutions. It is to this end that we make use of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), which aims for the sustainable development of our seas and coasts. Climate change is currently a hotly discussed topic whose concrete effects on the coasts and seas are already being felt. This poses the question of what we can do to avert or mitigate the expected changes to the environment.

Informational Texts

Coastal Regions

Europe (German)
Natural space, land use forms, and regional management of 10 european coastal states.

Baltic Sea (German)
More than 40 portraits of the large islands, cities, rivers, and sea regions of the Baltic Sea.

North Sea(German)
The state of affairs, current uses, and problems with the German Wadden Sea in view of nature conservancy.

Russia (English)
Differences and similarities of coasts, seas, and coastal zone management of the Black Sea, Baltic Sea, Barents Sea, and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

River Estuaries Worldwide (English)
Natural spaces, problems, and management apparoaches in the river estuaries and regions of Mississippi, Nil & Co.

Coastal Management

Integrated Coastal Zonen Management - ICZM(German)
What is "Integrated Coastal Zonen Management?" How does it work? Who is involved? Where is it used? You can find the answers here.

Case Studies in ICZM (German)
Concrete examples of IKZM from the Oder river mouth region, Timmendorfer Beach & Scharbeutz, and Warnemünde.

Coastal and Marine Management(English)
Learn about human activities and their management, both globally and on the German coast.

Learning and Teaching Platform ICZM-D Learning(English)
Online modules on various topics from the realm of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM).

Climate Change and Coasts

Articles (German)
Effects of climate change on Baltic Sea Tourism with examples of national and international adaptation strategies.

Learning Module Climate Change (German)
Effects of climate change on the German Baltic Coast made understandable for everyone.

Learning Module Climate Change and Coastal Conservation (German)
The effects of climate change specifically with regard to the coast of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

Flyer "Climate Change on the German Baltic COast" (German)
Flyer about the current and predicted future effects of climate change on the Baltic Coast.


  • Climate Change and Tourism on the German Baltic Coast (PDF, German)
  • Extensive information on the consequences of climate change  (PDF, German)


Interesting and comprehensive, this illustrated informational magazine offers insight into coastal topics such as offshore wind energy, the overfishing of cod, sustainable coastal tourism, and climate change.

Coastal & Marine (English)
Illustrated, professionally oriented member magazine with project descriptions from the fields of coastal management, planning, and coastal and nature conservancy.


Photo Databank
Search, find, and add to our collection of freely usable photographs on various coastal and marine topics. With the help of Google Maps, plan a walk along the coast! You can also register and place your coastal photographs in our online database.

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