The EUCC-Germany develops E-Learning modules which are available on the internet free of cost. These modules deliver the basic essentials of integrated coastal and marine management, and prevent information on current focal points, coastal regions, and practice scenarios. The modules are available to professionals, interested citizens, schoolchildren, and students.

The E-Learning modules are documented using our IKZM-D LERNEN tool. Our authoring system provides the technical tools to create new modules and update existing modules. Coastal experts and educators are welcome to use ICZM-D LEARNING for their own environmental education activities, and to use their own knowledge and experience to prepare and publish their own information modules. If you are interested, please contact us. If you wish to see exactly what ICZM-D LEARNING is capable of, you can try it out in the test module.

  • Under "ICZM-Science" you can find the basic essentials of Integrated Coastal Zone Management,
  • Under "Academics & Further Education" you can find general information on the topics of seas and coasts, including lessons specifically prepared by students for toher students under the subcategory "Schools",
  • Under "Schools" you can find an overview of the school education projects that the EUCC-D enables and manages.

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