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The Coastal & Marine Union EUCC is a stakeholder and network association with expert members and NGO member organisations in 40 countries.
Commission on Coastal Systems (CCS) of the International Geographical Union (IGU) WWW
EU Nature Communicationplatform WWW Information and meetings mainly dealing particularly with Natura2000
Eurosite WWW

TMAP Saltmarshes and Dunes WWW

Mediterranean Coastal Foundation WWW

EUCC Atlantique

Agentschap voor Natuur en Bos (ANB) WWW
Agentschap Maritieme Dienstverlening en Kust (MDK)/Maritime and Coastal Services WWW
Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek (INBO)/Research Institut Nature and Forest WWW
Natuurpunt WWW

Center for Coastal and Marine Studies (CCMS) WWW coastal aspects along the Black Sea

Kystdirektoratet/Danish Coastal Authority WWW
Naturstyrelsen/Danish Nature Agency WWW

Finnish expert group on shore habitats is this (so far only in Finnish) WWW

EUCC France WWW. organize field workshops "ateliers de terrain" each year, on coastal issues.
Conservatoire du littoral WWW
Coastline observatories network in France .. with interactive maps allow to visualize coastal structures.Observatory of the Aquitaine coast, Observatory of the north of FranceObservatory of Pays de la Loire

UK Sand Dune and Shingle Network WWW
National Trust WWW
Natural England WWW
NatureScot WWW
Natural Resources Wales WWW
East Grampian Coastal Partnership (EGCP): The Aberdeen Institute for Coastal Science and Management (AICSM) works alongside the EGCP in a range of coastal projects. WWW

Agenzia Conservatoria delle Coste della Sardegna/Conservatoria delle coste WWW

Stichting Duinbehoud Stichting Duinbehoud is a foundation for the protection of the coast. In the interest of nature and people who want to enjoy it. They publish regularly and with a long tradition the Journal DUIN, as well as a newsletter "DuinTopics".
Kennisnetwerk Ontwikkeling en Beheer Natuurkwaliteit (OBN)/OBN Knowledge Network WWW 'In the OBN Knowledge Network, researchers, conservation site managers, universities, consultancies, NGO’s and governmental bodies, such as provinces and water boards, closely cooperate to restore ecosystems and nature reserves. In this network, knowledge and practice intermingle, and science and nature management jointly look for the most effective approaches to enhance sustainable conservation of important ecosystems in the Dutch landscapes.'
Natuurmonumenten WWW
Puur Water & Natuur (PWN) WWW
Rijkswaterstaat/Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water WWW
Staatsbosbeheer WWW
Waddenacademie WWW

Dunes in Poland WWW

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