Baltic Sea Region Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (BALTADAPT)

The entire Baltic Sea region will be affected by the consequences of climate change. Already today there is valuable experience on how to adapt to the expected changes, but this is fragmented and does not take into account the Baltic Sea as a whole as a special ecoregion. The aim of BALTADAPT is to develop a climate change adaptation strategy that can be used for the entire Baltic Sea region. The focus is on the sea and its coastline. A framework for increased cooperation and more information exchange is to be created in order to improve transnational cooperation. Based on the knowledge base created in this way, an action plan for an adaptation strategy to climate change is to be developed. The project is led by the Danish Meteorological Institute.

Tasks of the EUCC-D: Dissemination of project results, public relations, organization of thematic workshops

Duration: 2010 to 2013

Funding authority: European Commission (Baltic Sea Region Programme)


Relevant Newsletters:


  • Poster "Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Tourim - Networking towards the unknown", Littoral Conference, Oostende, Belgium, PDF 11/2012 (abstract)
  • Poster "2nd International BaltCICA Conference", Bergen, Norway, PDF, 05/2011
  • Poster "Regional Conference Climate Change Adapatation in Coastal Regions", Hamburg, PDF (German) 03/2011


  • S. Schönwald, I. Haller, C.Filies: "Adaptation in coastal tourism - Discuss, develop, measure" 9/2013 PDF, baltadapt Final Conference, 3.-4.9.2013, Riga, Lettland


Regional Workshops:

Transnational Workshop:


  • The Coastal Union (EUCC) / EUCC-Die Küsten Union Deutschland (2011): Coastal & Marine 20 (3); Coastal Climate Change - Ports and renewable energies. PDF 1/2013
  • The Coastal Union (EUCC) / EUCC-Die Küsten Union Deutschland (2011): Coastal & Marine 20 (3); Coastal Climate Change - Protecting and adapting maritime regions. PDF 11/2011
  • Schumacher, S., Stybel, N. & Haller, I. (English): "Coastal climate change and tourism – A project-based approach to work with regional stakeholders and discuss sector-relevant climate impacts and adaptive strategies", 11/2011

Further results and more detailed information on BaltAdapat can be found on the BaltADAPT website.


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