EUCC-D organises travelling exhibitions with the goal of raising awareness for our core themes. EUCC-D wants to show its exhibitions in more places (even far from the coast)! If you are interested in hosting or visiting one of our travelling exhibitions, please contact mitarbeiter@eucc-d.de.

Exhibition „Mensch ∙ Müll ∙ Meer“

The ever-growing piles of waste are not only a problem on shore. They are also a threat to the flora and fauna of our oceans. Especially the high amounts of plastic and the chemicals it contains have negative effects on the marine food chain.  In recent years, the issue of microplastic has received a more and more attention in the science world, since some organisms such as fish and mussels have begun to built plastic into their tissue. The long-term effects and the consequences for human beings, however, have not been sufficiently explored yet.

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Photo Exhibition "Fischeries & Aquaculture"

The photo exhibition "Fisheries & Aquaculture" opened in the State Office for Agriculture, Food Security and Fisheries Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (LALLF M-V). Approximately forty large pictures granted the visitors a fascinating view into the topic of fisheries and aquaculture.

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