Internships at EUCC-Germany

We are constantly searching for interns for our office in Rostock-Warnemünde.

We offer a look into the interesting and diverse world of NGO-work.

Our interns will gain experience in:

  • The creation and distribution of print publications and presentations.
  • Both the technical and content sides of website development (Coastal Information System Oder River Mouth, online databanks, web editors, e-learning software).
  • Organizing and participating in conferences and events.
  • Teamwork for projects, public relations work, and networking with NGOs

We are looking for students with undergraduate or master degrees with:

  • Interest in coastal systems and integrated management of coasts and seas.
  • A professional background in geography, environmental science, spatial or regional planning, IT (databanks and web programming), environmental communication, media design, education, law (environmental law, maritime law), or related disciplines.
  • Sound PC and Internet knowledge.
  • Good English, German, or Polish language ability.
  • The commitment and capacity to work individually.

We seek to connect our interns' expectations, ideas, and skills with the tasks they will perform. We also support the production and completion of undergraduate and master’s theses.