Learning around the Sea and Coasts

Sustainable development of the sea and coasts can only arise through understanding and agreement between different interests and users. To achieve this, all involved actors must be aware of the multitude of ongoing uses and engage in a communal dialogue. The EUCC-Germany (EUCC-D) prepares information on the requirements of sustainable coastal management systems, educates students and children, and initiates extra-curricular projects.

With the authoring system IKZM-D Lernen, EUCC-D developed a tool that conveniently offers the required information and tools online. IKZM-D Lernen is an authoring system that enables sea and coast teaching and learning regardless of time and. This free tool allows professionals, communication specialists, interested citizens, teachers, and students to collect, document, and share their knowledge.

With the help of this easy-to-use authoring software, teachers can prepare their material online and give students the chance to access that information and material at their own. Students can also assume the role of author and use the tool to create content for other students.

You can find further information on the authoring system and the various components of the system in the menu to the left.

The children of today are the decision makers of tomorrow

They will live on the coast, work on the coast, or relax on the coast. They will either be actively engaged in the sustainable development of the seas and coasts or will peripherally use these spaces and resources. Especially in coastal states, our role is to set the next generations on the way by showing them how fascinating and sensitive coastal and marine ecosystems are andwhat possibilities and uses  coastal areas offer us as well as helping them understand how they need to be protected. To this end, the EUCC-Germany coordinates extracurricular projects that bring children and young adults to the coast.