Our online coastal databanks offer regional and international information for everyone, everywhere, and at all times. Our databanks are useful for professionals, students, and coastal groups, with information about coastal administration, research, and economy, as well as coastal conferences, projects, opportunities, documents and photographs, and course offerings.


The distinctive feature of our coastal databaseis how it enables the secure entry, dissemination, and management of content from many users. The information is gathered in a central databank and presented through several decentralized user portals on the internet which offer specifics such as networks, institutions, or projects. Entries can be restricted to specific target groups or user portals or made more generally available. The database contents are entered decentrally through the user portals, but are also available immediately to all databank partners. As a result, all the information you share is always current, comprehensive, and indelibly available in a large network of national and international users.

The stability and further development of the databanks is guaranteed by EUCC - The Coastal Union Germany.

BECOME A PARTNER and take advantage of our coastal databanks:

  • Attractiveness and timeliness: Continually discover new events, conferences, and workshops
  • Total control over the contents of your databanks: Use simple yet effective selection mechanisms including regional and thematic factors
  • Uniquely centralized input of information
  • Publish widely through announcements on our parter portals
  • Easily update your information with user input from our partner portals 
  • No development costs for cooperation partners: All partners benefit from our continual iteration on and development of our databanks
  • You decide which databanks to present to your users
  • Seamless integration in partner websites: the EUCC-Germany will hand tailor the layout of your databanks for your website at no extra cost for organization or project
  • Multilingual: Engage in international projects with our multilingual databanks that enable easy usage across multiple languages.